U.S.I.United Sportsmen Inc.

Post Office Box 485

W7689 Sportsmans Club Road

Iron Mountain, MI  49801



Stu Boren, President

 Dana Constantini, Vice President

Nick Jungles, Treasurer

Greg Kulas, Secretary



Welcome to United Sportsmen Inc!  Your membership is good from March 1st, 2021 until March 1st, 2022.  Your membership includes your spouse and your children under age 21.  You can also bring a guest with you, but all guests are asked to become members after their second visit.  Your key card is enclosed.  This gives you exclusive rights to the club; therefore, you must not give this card to anyone else. 


****Please do not discard your old key card until you confirm that your new one is working - we usually change the card reader the first week of March. ****


Also, since there is alcohol on the premises, no one under 21 is allowed to be alone in the building. The beer cooler is locked except for when there is a regular scheduled activity or a special event scheduled. 




March 3                                                                 Election of Board and Officers

May 22                                                                  Sporting Clays League begins

TBA                                                                       Fall Gun Show


Check www.unitedsportsmeninc.com for updates





December thru April

Rifle – 4:30 PM

Greg Kulas  396-0891


May thru Sept


Sporting Clays 4:00 PM

Kitchen Open in evening

Ted Fornetti 282-2422, Jerry Bruns 221-5401



May thru Sept

January thru May

IDPA Pistol League 5:30 PM

Archery Open Shoot 4-7 PM

Bill Haigh 774-3105, Pat Patterson 221-9826

Chuck Stephenson 906-221-5982


May thru October

Dec thru August



Skeet Shooting 4:00 PM

Pistol League 5:30 PM **

Kitchen open on pistol league nights

Wayne Michaud – 221-2185

Bob Servia 774-5336, Sue Constantini 774-7479


January thru May

Defensive Pistol 6:00 PM

Pat Patterson  221-9826


Dec thru October

Dec thru October

All Year

Skeet 10:00 AM

Sporting Clays 10:00 AM

Indoor Archery – until 1:00 PM

Kitchen open for lunch except October and November

Wayne Michaud – 221-2185

Jerry Bruns 779-1758, Ted Fornetti 282-2422

Chuck Stephenson 906-221-5982


April and May

Norway High School Trap Team  2 PM



Note that the Kitchen is currently closed until further notice due to COVID restrictions.


**Winter Pistol league:  50ft bull's eye; 22cal. only; open and optical sights.  Practice Jan 2 & 9, League Jan 16 thru Mar 26;

                          Make-up April 2 & 9


**Summer Pistol league:  Dates to be announced.  Typically league runs from late May to mid-August. Metallic silhouettes 25 to 100 yards; two classes: 22 cal and 357and up, open and optical sights.





The indoor/outdoor pistol and rifle ranges are open most of the time except on designated league nights.  Saturday morning is reserved for archery until 1pm.  Check the calendar by the bar to see if any events are scheduled.


There is a fee box in the basement and on the outdoor ranges.   A minimum $2.00 fee is required when you use the indoor or outdoor ranges


The indoor range use is limited to the following:

            *Rifles - .22 caliber rimfire ONLY.  No centerfire rifles or muzzleloaders.

            *Pistol - .22 caliber rimfire and centerfire pistols up to .45 cal.      

                                                   ***  NO MAGNUM LOADS  ***


If using the indoor shooting range, please use the air scrubbers and turn on the ventilation using the ventilation control switch on the wall near the thermostat.  This will help keep the range as clean as possible.


If you are the last person to leave the building, please make sure the lights are off, the doors are locked and the gate is closed.




The sporting clays league will begin on May 16 (Saturday).  The league will run for 10 consecutive weeks.  Participants can shoot any Saturday or Tuesday during regular shooting hours and can shoot up to 2 weeks ahead and make up as many as 3 weeks in arrears.  Teams can be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 shooters.  Only the top 3 scores from each team will be counted each week and all scores will be handicapped.  Cost is $10 per shooter plus the regular shooting fees for each shooter.  Sign up at the club house or call Ted 906-282-2422.     


Shooting Range Rules


1. NO ALCOHOL allowed on any range while in use.

2. All firearms must be handled in a safe manner at all times.

3. All firearms shall be unloaded and carried with the action open while entering or leaving the shooting range.

4. Obey all range officer commands promptly.

5. Keep the muzzle of your firearm pointed in a safe direction at all times.

6. No cross-range shooting.  All firing must be parallel to length of range.

7. Load only at the shooting stations.

8. In the event of a firearm malfunction or hang fire, keep the firearm pointed down range, and count 10 seconds before you clear your firearm.

9. No sighting or pointing of a firearm behind the shooting stations.

10. Upon command of “cease fire” all firearms will be unloaded immediately, actions left open, with muzzle pointed down range.

11. Guns and ammunition are subject to inspection. No armor piercing ammo permitted.

12. Each shooter must pick up his/her own brass or hulls.

13. Shooters are responsible for wearing appropriate hearing and eye protection.

14. Persons drinking or under the influence of alcohol or drugs will NOT be permitted on the shooting range.

15. Decision of the range officer is final.

16.  NO FULLY AUTOMATIC weapons are permit on the club ranges.



*Any infraction of the above rules will result in the loss of shooting range privileges. We must run a safe shooting range at all times. When in doubt, check with the range officer.

Be Safe!  Have Fun!