Cowboy Action Shooting

USI Six Gunners was started in the spring of 2004, with the intention of having fun and a good time. We loosely follow the rules of the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS). Your biggest competitor will be yourself. A former member said it best "We gather together to burn powder and throw Lead". Period Dress is encourage but not necessary. You will, however, need an alias. Firearms required are:

Two (2) singles action revolvers. .22LR Caliber to .45 Long Colt.
    Double Action Revolvers can be use, must be operated in single action mode only.
One (1) rifles, lever action or pump .22LR Caliber to .45 Long Colt.
One (1) shotgun single shot or double barrel (side-by-side).
    Any gauge, hammer or hammerless, and no automatic ejectors (unless disconnected).

We encourage anyone young or old to come and give it a try. In other words: "Let the little kid come out and play." If you have any or none of the above guns and want to give it a try, the rest or all will be provided for your first shoot. We do scenarios or bit parts for old to modern day westerns or any suggestions from fellow cowboys, cowgirls, sheriffs and gunslingers.

Shooting starts late in the spring and runs through the fall on Tuesdays at 5:30PM.

Happy Trails.

For More Information Contact: Bob Constantini 774-7479
                                                 (AKA Talking Iron)