Sporting Clays

Come check this course out. 10 stations (50 targets) on a nice walk through the woods. Trail available to drive your ATV or Golf Car.

Sporting Clays is open on Tuesdays, starting at 4:00pm CDT and Saturdays starting at 9:00am CDT.

Cost for members:       $15.00 for 50

Cost for non-members:    $20.00 for 50 

Youth (under 18 years old) with an adult purchase: Free 50 targets per week for all clay courses.

Punch Cards are available for purchase by members:
    Trap or Skeet:                        $90.00 for 20 rounds
    Sporting Clays:                       $135.00 for 20 rounds

Shells available for purchase in 12 or 20 gauge:




The sporting clays league will begin on May 27th (Saturday).  The league will run for 10 consecutive weeks.  Participants can shoot any Saturday or Tuesday during regular shooting hours and can shoot up to 2 weeks ahead and make up as many as 3 weeks in arrears.  Teams can be a minimum of 3 (I would recommend at least 4 in case of a team member would not be able to complete) and a maximum of 6 shooters.  Only the top 3 scores from each team will be counted each week and all scores will be handicapped.  Cost is $25 per shooter plus the regular shooting fees for each shooter.  Sign up at the club house or call Ted 906-282-2422.




2023 Sporting Clays League


You may shoot the league as many times as you want.  Cost is $25 for each time you enter.  Entry fees will go toward the cost of the league apparel given out to those who complete the league.


Teams can be made up of 3 to 6 members but only the top 3 scores for each station will be used. So it is advisable to have at least 4 members on your squad in case someone drops out for whatever reason. These scores will be used to determine the team standings and individual Top Gun score.


Handicaps for each shooter will be based on your 2022 final handicap score average for the previous year’s league. If you are a new shooter your handicap will be based on your current scores when you complete the league. Your new raw score handicap will be computed by taking the last years handicapped average and subtracting from 50 and dividing by 2.  Example:  If last year your Handicap average was 37:  50 – 37 = 13 divided by 2 is 6 ½.  7 is your handicap….  Add 7 to your raw score to get your handicap score. We are rounding fractions below.5 down and .5 and above upwards.


Sub-gauge and side by side or pump action handicap:  If for any round you decide to use a 20, 28, or 410 you may do so and receive an addition to your handicap for that round.  

20 ga is +2

28 ga is +5

410 ga is +10

Side by side or pump action is +2


In the example above if you shot with 28 ga side by side you would have your 7  base handicap plus 5 for 28 ga and 2 for side by side for a total handicap for the round of 14.  This would be added to your raw score for the round to give your handicap score for that round.  HANDICAP SCORE CAN NEVER EXCEED 50.  So any handicap score over 50 gets recorded as 50.


This really levels the playing field so the big gun shooters have a better chance since the New Raw Score Average will be based on the Previous Years Handicap Score. New shooters handicap will be figured out at the end of the season.


Have fun!  Shoot straight!  Be safe!!!  Questions?  Ask John Fuse or Ted Fornetti 


 The league will begin on May 27th and will finish mid to late August.  Sign up on board to the left of the Clays sign up sheet.


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For More Information Contact:
                                                  Ted Fornetti 282-2422 Email Ted
                                                   Jerry Bruns 779-1758

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