The Club house is open on most Saturday Mornings. Please stop in.

There is no longer a land line phone at the Club house.

Please feel free to contact any of the directors listed below.

Stu Boren


Stu Boren (906) 282-1776


Greg Kulas


Greg Kulas, 906-396-0891


Chuck Stephenson

Archery Representative



Doug Constantini

Director At Large

Doug Constantini, 906-282-0701


Dickie Goupell

Director At Large

Dickie Goupell, 906-779-5579

Dana Constantini

Vice President

Dana Constantini 906-774-6177


Ted Fornetti

Clays Representative

Ted Fornetti, 906-282-2422


Bob Constantini

Six Gunner Representative

Bob Constantini, 906-774-7479


Sue Constantini

Director At Large

Sue Constantini, 906-774-7479


Pat Patterson

Director At Large

Pat Patterson, 906-221-3205


Pat Patterson

Director At Large

Chris Grosskopf, 906-282-5391

Nick Jungles


Nick Jungles, 920-698-0065


Bob Servia

Pistol Representative

Bob Servia, 906-774-5336


Scott Lofstrom

Director At Large

Scott Lofstrom


John Fuse

Director At Large

John Fuse, 906-774-3867


Pat Smith

Director At Large

Pat Smith, 715-696-6779